Getting to grips with synoptic at the earliest opportunity

If you’re doing A2 biology it will not be long before the dreaded synoptic monster will raise its ugly head. even the January exams have synoptic elements in them. So what is synoptic?

Synoptic biology essentially means taking an important overview of the key parts of biology. If you

sat down an made a list of the kinds of things that keep cropping up again and again it should have some important concepts on it such as:

Enzymes, shape, cells, ATP, energy, movement, transport etc.

We should also add most of the How Science Works aspects to this too as far as the exam boards are concerned. If you are doing AQA you will have to face modules 4 and 5 having concepts in them that recur from AS. Over thecoming weeks we’ll build up a good idea of the apsets that you will need for Module 4.

Most of this at this stage is data handling. You were introduced to this in AS but the module 4 exam has lots more in it. I covered huge amounts of data handling in the Surviving Maths in AS Biology book and we’ll  do lots of example exam questions here to build up this knowledge and experience.

If you struggled with the maths parts of AS you might consider getting hold of this book, we now do a downloadable version which has tons of questions in it.

Starting tomorrow, bring your calculator and let’s do some data handling examples.


About chemicalguy

I'm a former research scientist, lecturer, examiner and chemistry & biology tutor. I now write A-level chemistry and biology text books full time to fill the current gaps in the market.
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