How science works (HSW) listing

There are 12 HSW categories that we must be familiar with. This post lists them. Further posts will expand on how the content is relevant to a given category.

HSW1: Use theories, models and ideas to develop and modify scientific explanations.

HSW2: Use knowledge and understanding to pose scientific questions, define scientific problems, present scientific arguments and scientific ideas.

HSW3: Use appropriate methodology, including ICT, to answer scientific questions and solve scientific problems.

HSW4: Carry out experimental and investigative activities, including appropriate risk management, in a range of contexts.

HSW5: Analyse and interpret data to provide evidence, recognising correlations and causal relationships.

HSW6: Evaluate methodology, evidence and data, and resolve conflicting evidence.

HSW7: Appreciate the tentative nature of scientific knowledge.

HSW8: Communicate information and ideas in appropriate ways using appropriate terminology.

HSW9: Consider applications and implications of science and appreciate their associated benefits and risks.

HSW10: Consider ethical issues in the treatment of humans, other organisms and the environment.

HSW11: Appreciate the role of the scientific community in validating new knowledge and ensuring integrity.

HSW12: Appreciate the ways in which society uses science to inform decision making.


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I'm a former research scientist, lecturer, examiner and chemistry & biology tutor. I now write A-level chemistry and biology text books full time to fill the current gaps in the market.
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